If you backed into a career in web development, you, too, would probably want some place to put all your newly-found knowledge just to keep track of those moments when you learned something you didn't know. This site is my chronicle of this journey of learning.

I got my master's degree in creative writing in 1999 and worked in marketing and PR after that. Along the way, I learned to edit, design and finally code websites, first using a CMS, then building stuff by hand with HTML and CSS and later using PHP and Javascript, most recently in Drupal.

As of May 1, I've been a web developer, but the depths of my ignorance are unfathomable, so nearly every day I learn something I didn't know. 

Update: Since November 2016, I've been a director of software engineering, which feels like yet another happy accident of fate (which I think christians call a blessing).

You can also visit my personal site at www.christianburk.com.


Christian Burk