Life coaching, for real?



Today I met a life coach. I am not sure what it is about me that is naturally hesitant to consider consulting a life coach, but there it is. It's like my red flags start flying full tilt like they're trying to hail a rescue ship while I'm stranded at sea. The thing is, though, that I do feel a little trapped, a little lost, a little in need of some life coaching. I am tempted to reach out to her.

She came to the class I'm teaching today. First, it was awesome. Her presentation was amazing and about design thinking. We need so much more positivity at work, and this person brought it to my class. I just loved her outlook. I feel like I need to be around positive people like that. 

I am both both positive and sarcastic by nature. Basically, I believe in the inherent goodness of the world, but I also see its absurdity. I'm not sure if these are reconcilable, but that's where I think I rest.

Anyway, I might give her a shout and see what this life coaching is all about. After all, if life is a game, I want to play. Put me in, coach.